Hols Over

Well looking back on the hols, apart from visiting my elderly Mum who is always happy to see all her grand children, there is not really much to report other than the weather being fine for the time of year.

We took the twins to their fist concert which happened to be in Paisley (the Town of their birth).

We went to see the wonderful Donnie Munro with his acoustic band. It was the first time they saw and heard live the man they had listened to in the womb.

Prior to giving birth, my alarm clock each morning was my Hi-Fi on my Bedroom wall playing a Runrig CD with Donnie as lead vocalist. They fell asleep as I rushed around getting ready for work.

Runrig and Donnie Munro have been with me throughout my life, through the highs and lows their music has always been there.

When Runrig released their final studio album “The Story”, naturally they heard it regularly and my son loves Runrig and the last album, his favourite song being “The Story”.

For the first time after giving birth to the twins we visited Paisley to see Donnie.

I will not bore you with the details but we met up with a lovely lady we had met at Runrig at The Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow.  A gem of a lady who loves all things Runrig and Donnie.  She made us feel welcome, despite a rather late arrival missing the support act, due to extremely slow service at the Brewers Fayre at the Premier Inn in Paisley.  We missed James MacKenzie who was not only the support act for Donnie but the support act for Runrig in Glasgow at The Royal Concert Hall.

Donnie was looking and sounding as good as ever and when he played and sang Loch Lomond at the end of the night, we got up to dance.  Wee twin 2 was in a tartan dress and was invited on stage with Donnie.  A very proud moment for me and her Daddy recorded a great video I have shared on the Runrig fb page.  Although he was not specifically invited on stage I encouraged her twin brother to go on too.  He loves Runrig, Donnie Munro, singing, dancing and ceilidhs!  He was too shy and hid and ran away.

I asked Donnie at the end of the show if I could have a photo of the 2 of them with him as they were twins and he agreed.

Conclusion he is a true gent and made the 6-year-old twins feel adequate and their Mummy proud.  So finally this post is to say “Thank you!”