The Magic of The Tooth Fairy

It is a funny old thing this but when Twin 1 (my wee boy) lost his first tooth, it disappeared completely. We knew it had been wobbly for a while but when it came out there was no trace of it.  We reassured him the fairy would find it, even if it came out in his poo.  If that happened, she could retrieve it down the drain.  So since it was a first tooth she left £4.00!

Subsequent teeth were found and she paid £2.00 for each one.  We knew many were to come out and they would come out fast and thick with twins.  We also tried to give a realistic amount that would not seem too much to what other children were receiving.  He lost six teeth in total.  He was like a wee pirate for a while.  All the second teeth grew in and things were returning to normal.

Twin 2 (my wee girl) had all her first teeth till much more recently. She had a loose tooth for ages and eventually she lost her first.  Once again, strangely, it disappeared in the night and the tooth fairy must have had to fetch it from the drain!  She incidentally left the same £4.00.  Then there was wobbly tooth number 2.  It was so loose and twisted, we expected it to come out about a week ago but never came out till yesterday, apparently with a little help from her teacher.  The office lady at school sent it home in an envelope marked for the “Tooth Fairy”.  Under the pillow it went and the fairy collected it in it’s envelope and left £2.20.

This morning my wee girl came through to my room very excited that the tooth fairy had visited and left £2.20!  I played along saying how shocked I was about the extra 20p.

After visiting my elderly Mother this afternoon, I returned in the evening to discover the boy had lost another tooth.  No previous mention of a wobbly tooth, I assumed the worst, that he had been pulling at it to get it out to get money.

Anyway, the tooth is out and safely tucked under his pillow.  So for the second night running the tooth fairy must arrive and leave money!  This was not expected – I only hope she has enough money for this unexpected tooth.  😉









Twins Everywhere!

No matter where I go or what I do, whenever I get chatting to anyone and it comes up that my kids are twins, the person I am talking to is a twin,  or has twins in the family.  It poses the question, are there so many twins or do I cross the path of these people for a reason?

Each person has a unique story to tell me.  Each person is genuinely interested in twins or my twins and their story.

I am genuinely interested in them and their story and we end up comparing stories!  It always makes fascinating conversation!

I must recognise that twins are much more common than I could ever have imagined and yet each set is so special in so many different ways. One thing is common, there is a unique bond between every set and each twin is very individual with different interests, personality and talents.

I discovered a new play park on my doorstep tonight which my guys loved and was maintained by a twin.  He has welcomed them back!  He and I chatted for a considerable time this evening while the children played.  He was English and questioned why my son who is Scottish wore a Portuguese top.  We explained we loved Ronaldo and my wee girl told him her brother was called Ronaldo.  Not true, but it amused me!  🙂






Indy 2

Wonderful news today that we may yet have another independence referendum in Scotland in the not too distant future.  Please, if you voted no last time, reconsider your vote this time.

We are a nation of proud people, we have discovered and invented so much.  We have a wealth of natural resources, including renewable energy.

We have a current government at Holyrood who are investing in all things good and protesting against all things bad.  They are the only real opposition to the Westminster Tory government.  They are not anti-English.  They are anti-Westminster and with very good reason.

Even English and Welsh people can see they not only mean well but they will help and support them too.

Time to take a stand against the Tories.  Side with Independence for Scotland.  You don’t have to be a National, I haven’t always been, but let’s get indy then we can vote for who we feel are the best to run our wonderful wee country.

Summer Hols

It has been almost 2 months since I last posted but I am back with my Summer holiday story.

This year, again, we went to Grannies’ Heilan Hame for slightly longer than last year.   The caravan was not spotless but could have been a lot worse.

Hubby discovered a dirty Rangers top/strip in the spare Bedroom on the day of arrival.  On the day of leaving he discovered a very dirty pair of soiled girl’s knickers on top of a wardrobe and a broken glass smashed in pieces as we checked to make sure we had all our stuff.  😦

The children’s entertainment had gone downhill, now consisting mainly of a very loud English lady shouting at the top of her voice through a microphone turned up full blast.  My daughter couldn’t stand it and neither could I.  However, my wee lad and his Dad could stand it.  Old Pop as I now call him, started to get pints of Cider which were cheaper than wine and well my son took to the dance floor like he had no confidence issues!

The previous year my daughter was up there enjoying it all and my boy was too shy to even hit the dance floor.  It was strange how times had changed for the twins!

They loved the pool, enjoyed the play park, ate too much candy floss and drank too much slush but generally had a good time.

One night when we were out and had really enjoyed the entertainment, on leaving the venue, I met up with some Rangers fans and had a wee bit of banter.  I spoke about how Davie Cooper was a great Ranger’s player – in fact, he was simply the best.  I spoke to them about Cristiano Ronaldo and how I discovered his wonderful talented play this year and they asked if I liked Messi.  I had to reply that I had no knowledge of his play.

Embo would appear to be in a micro climate, a term I had never heard of until this year.

One day, we visited Dornoch, we went to the tourist information where we met a very helpful lady, then took a walk down the street to admire many beautiful gardens and garden features.  We popped into a little gift shop.  The twins had their eyes on items in the window.  The wee lad wanted a teddy with a kilt, a velvet balmoral and tartan bagpipes, while his twin wanted a Rag doll, dressed in tartan and sporting a saltire heart on her dress.  At the bottom of the dress it said “Scotland”!  Their Dad wasn’t too keen to let them buy these items but they had been given holiday money from Grand parents and Aunties and I stated that it was their money.  So home we came with 2 souvenirs which Americans or foreigners may have bought but they were happy.  To be honest, they were nice soft toys, not that they needed any more.  Something inside me though felt proud that they had picked totally Scottish souvenirs with some of their holiday money.

We travelled up North to a Highland Clearance settlement site one day and walked down towards cliffs next to the ocean.  I wore my comfy crocs and was advised by a kind passer-by on the way to take care further down with my footwear.  He was right, as I pulled of an impressive ballet move as I slipped and almost fell but had to regain my balance to save my binoculars and camera!  Legs covered in mud, nearly having landed in it, the kids were concerned I was OK.  I re-assured them and then continued to explore all there was to see, which wasn’t much.  I am a determined individual though with Scottish blood running through my veins and I had a burning desire to visit the place.

I must however comment before closing this post about Dornoch Cathedral.  It is easy to see why Madonna chose to get her son Christened there.  We visited Dornoch Cathedral, which incidentally is a Church of Scotland building.  I was totally blown away by the spectacular stained glass windows.  If ever in Dornoch, visit this gem.  A special place that touched my heart, my soul and my senses.

Later, on a lighter note, we got a lovely Chinese takeaway from a takeaway in Dornoch.  So good we went back the next night.  The ladies in the gift shop had recommended it when I asked them about it.  Great food and reasonable prices!  🙂