Thank God We Live In Scotland

Just a short post to say how blessed we are to live in Scotland.  When I look at the troubles throughout the world I am so glad we live in Scotland.  There is nowhere on earth I would rather bring up my children.

People holiday abroad with kids without a care in the world.  It sometimes surprises me, but more so of late.

I will stick to Scotland, a week away may cost as much as going abroad, without the guaranteed sunshine, but I will take safety first.

So off to the North of Scotland we go next week, I was dreading the possibility of rain, but hey I will take that over a tourist destination or a city abroad with all the dangers it brings, between crowded gatherings and busy airports.

God bless all those affected by the atrocities tonight in France!



One thought on “Thank God We Live In Scotland

  1. Hear hear! I’ve been thinking the same thing particularly these past couple of days. We’re so lucky to live where we do and there’s nowhere else in the world I’d rather be. I spend the vast majority of my holidays in Scotland but would like to have the occasional European holiday (I particularly want to go to Paris), but just wouldn’t feel safe at the present time. Have a great time next week. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a break in the weather and hope that it’s not to overrun with the NC 500!

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